Zeppelin watches

A tour with the Zeppelin has always been the most elegant way of traveling and has lost none of its fascination to this day. Like the Zeppelin airships, the watches in this collection impress with their technical sophistication and timeless beauty. The Zeppelin watches offer a sophisticated, distinctive design with an excellent price-performance ratio and a high product quality.
Founded under the POINTtec brand, the German watchmaker entered the watchmaking industry renowned for its styling, durability, and price. The Zeppelin brand in its second decade of existence has consistently produced great quartz and mechanical watches. In addition, the brand has garnered quite the following in both men and women.
To trace back the origins of the Zeppelin brand, we need to start with POINTtec. The parent company POINTtec came to be in 1987 by Wilhelm Birk and soon took off as a well-recognized brand. After initial success with brands like Maximilian Munchen and Junkers, POINTtec launched Zeppelin watches in 2002.
In 2017, the family-run company celebrated three very successful decades in the watchmaking industry. A good degree of the German watch brand’s thirty-year journey is a result of Zeppelin’s success. As of today, the POINTtec brand is amongst the largest watch manufacturers in Germany with many brands in its portfolio. As a, the capital finds itself back into the company for R&D.