U-BOAT watches

Each U-BOAT creation is of exclusive Tuscan manufacture, a land of great inspiration and style.

In 1942 Italian Army commissioned the design and production of wristwatches for its pilots that could satisfy very precise technical specifications. Ilvo Fontana created the first drawings of a robust wristwatch with a strong character, and a strong and distinctive design that could guarantee maximum visibility and water resistance.
In 2000, Italo Fontana, Ilvo's grandson, discovers these precious designs. They will become his source of inspiration for the creation of the first U-BOAT watch and also his motto: A New Dimension in Time. The U-BOAT journey has started.

“I have always been fascinated by design, I create in total freedom, I don’t follow any trends. I try to do what other brands don’t. I have no obligation to create the same over and over again”.
Italo lives his world through inspiration. Attention for details, constant passion and dedication to innovation and perfection coupled with an open mind towards the future are the cornerstones of his creativity.
Italo Fontana is really intrigued by innovations,  therefore, he constantly creates value and new ideas for his customers. He loves to explore new ideas without being influenced by the market. He uses modern and unusual techniques and materials and he is interested in all materials especially those never used in watch industry.  

Capsoil goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design, combining innovative features with retro-style lines. The Swiss electromechanical movement is completely immersed in a low viscosity lubricating oil. The oily liquid flows into the dial making it an absolute and deep black and creates an evermoving compensation bubble that surprisingly amplifies view of the hands that seem to flow free as in the absence of the glass.
The projection of the dial immersed in the oily liquid transcends the boundaries of the glass that encapsulates it, enhancing the colour that puts itself on stage with an absolute and deep black.

A collection coming from the moon, directly from its darker side. Following the idea explored for the first time with Capsoil model, Darkmoon digs even further into the “oil immersion” innovative concept.
A collection inspired by the dark side of the moon. The case is completely filled with a special oil that emphasizes the dial, creating an optical effect of a higher legibility. Innovative locking system (locking ring system) with quick battery replacement.

Designed to meet the needs of those who dive at the professional level and at the same time do not miss the opportunity to combine the watch with more elegant and refined outfits. The Sommerso line is designed to withstand the rigorous demands of professional diving and offers a bold clear technical design reminiscent of high-tech instruments of the past. Sommerso models feature the unidirectional bezel, the most distinctive element of a diver watch, allowing to keep under control the dive time. Along with Sommerso, part of the dive watch collection is the U-1001, a specific model tested to reach 1001 meters depth.
Designed for diving lovers with a classy style, the U-BOAT diving watch collection will give you unique emotions.

Designed to meet the needs of dynamic life and the traveller, the “Dual time” watches are the emblem of a sporty look that does not neglect their characteristic identity at the same time. The use of the special bezel and an additional hand allow you to indicate two different time zones simultaneously.
1938 Doppiotempo derives directly from the model created for the historic 9th parachutist assault regiment “Col Moschin”.

Captures the style’s essence, with pure and iconic lines, timeless watch with an innate elegance that never fades. Classico watches are designed with men and women with a strong personality in mind. The crown placed on the left-hand side, with a patented protection system, and the serial number make each watch unique. Self-winding mechanism personalized with U-BOAT specification.