U-BOAT watches

U-Boat watches are characterised as oversized, bold and aggressive. Their unique design still provides great comfort on the wrist. They come with a crown on the left side of the case with a screw protector. U-boat watches are designed and handmade in Italy with some of the models being limited to only 1,000 pieces. These watches embody a lot of force and style while revealing the unique personality of the man whose creativity stands behind them, Italo Fontana.
U-Boat watches have been favourites of a whole host of celebrity figures since its launch in 2000 with stars such as David Beckham wearing their watches.
The Classico U-Boat watches were one of the first on the scene. This has since been followed by the amazing Thousands of Feet, Nightvision and Flightdeck models.
U-Boat Watches were first devised in 1942 and were meant to be a series of timepieces for U-boat officers and the pilots of the Italian Air Force, they were designed to be indestructible and easy to read under any circumstances.
Fontana, the mind behind these watches, knew exactly what was needed but, as he was preparing to put his ideas into practice, the political situation of the time stopped him from going ahead. Fontana had already gathered drawings, samples and a lot more creative material which he had to preserve for sixty years. With the original colour samples, drawings and innovative materials that the present-day could offer, in 2000, a grandson of his finally launched the U-boat watch collection, so Fontana's designs eventually became reality. The watches are now among the most desired in the field.