Useful tips

Quartz watch is battery powered. When the battery is close to exhaustion, replace it immediately at an authorized service centre, otherwise dead battery leaks acid that will irrevocably destroy the movement. Keep the battery out of the reach of children!
Accuracy of quartz watches = up to  + / - 15 sec. per month.
Automatic watch - You are your own source of energy for your automatic watch. By moving your hands while wearing it, you run the automatic winding mechanism of the watch. If the watch stops working because it was not worn for some period (24 hours or longer), you can wind it up manually.
Accuracy of automatic watches = up to + / - 25 sec. per day.
Mechanical watches are driven by a mechanical movement which in order to provide the required energy for the watch, needs to be winded by the crown periodically. These watches are not as accurate as modern quartz watches, but the owners appreciate natural energy without batteries that pollute the environment.
Accuracy of mechanic watches = up to + / - 25 sec. the day.
Tolerance - accuracy deviation depends on many factors: the type and quality of the movement and battery, gravity, temperature, wearer's personal habits, etc.
We recommend general maintenance (cleaning and lubrication) of automatic and mechanical watches every 3-5 years.

Maintaining the watch - strap

Keep your watch clean! Use a soft, dry, cotton cloth to wipe dust, moisture, perspiration from the exterior and crystal. The leather strap is made of organic material and its lifetime is limited. It is subject to deformation and various damages because of its absorption properties and a variety of
influences: water, sweat, wear and tear, cosmetics, heat exposure - direct fire, radiators, strong direct light, sunlight, contact with water. Clean the leather strap gently with a soft, dry cloth.
Maintain and service your watch at the authorised service centre only!