RAPPORT pocket watches

The Oxford Range of Rapport Pocket Watches are imported from England from M. A. Rapport company who have been horologists of repute since 1898.
Each expertly crafted Rapport pocket watch is of the finest quality with superb fit and finish that rivals Swiss Made products and includes chain and gift box. Manufactured to the highest standard these watches have drawn their inspiration from antique originals.
Mechanical line of Rapport Oxford pocket watches are the epitome of Rapport crafsmenship. Each watch is fitted with a precision, mechanical, 17 jewel movement and are manufactured to the highest standard.
Pocket watches are classy and stylish. Unlike wrist watches, they are a cut above the norm and are meant to be used on more formal occasions. They have been around since the 16th century, and even today, are valued for their elegance and usefulness.


  • Like all mechanical pocket watches, it must be wound daily to keep time. Unlike a quartz watch, a mechanical pocket watch never needs a battery.
  • A pocket watch (especially an expensive one) should be handled and treated with care and protected from damage like any piece of fine jewelry. Never force the cover (hunter cover models) beyond the limit of where it opens. This will damage the hinge or spring the alignment so that the cover will not close properly.
  • Do not drop a pocket watch, which will likely cause irreparable damage and is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
  • A pocket watch should never be carried unprotected in a pocket with keys, coins, knife, etc. as this will surely scratch the case, scratch or crack the crystal and possibly damage the stem, crown or bow. These types of damages are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A casual splash of water can be dried off, but do not submerge a pocket watch. There are several locations where water can enter a pocket watch case: the hinge, the latch area and the crown/stem tube. Water damage is not covered under manufacturer's warranty.
  • Mechanical pocket watches should be wound daily, but do not "over wind" beyond the point where it stops since this can damage the stem or movement.
  • Open face watches are normally carried with the dial facing in toward the body which will be the right direction when reading the time and which places the back of the watch to the outside where bumps or hits cannot damage the crystal.
  • Mechanical pocket watches should be serviced (cleaned and oiled) about every 3-5 years by a qualified watchmaker, or if none are in your area, by the original manufacturer by following the instructions on where to send the watch for service on the warranty card.