ORIS watches

Oris watches have been among the top manufacturers of fine Swiss watches since 1904.
Oris is among the world’s leaders in the manufacture of automatic and chronograph timepieces, and does so exclusively, having no quartz timepieces.
Oris has earned worldwide recognition, having created entire series of fine watches worthy to bear the names of world renowned musicians and professional athletes alike. These include greats such as Miles Davis, Frank Sinatra, Carlos Coste, Mark Webber, Dizzy Gillespie, and Leonhard Euler.
Oris has made its mark in the art of racing in its Formula One and Grand Prix lines of men’s watches.
All Oris watches are marked out by the red rotor, the symbol of Oris mechanicals.


Mechanical watch has many advantages. It is precise enough for daily use, it is durable and if maintained correctly, could be handed over for generations as valuable present, or presents a valuable asset. 
A good mechanical watch is often more accurate in short periods of time then a quartz watch, for example for the interval of 5 seconds, for measuring exposure many professional photographs discovered to gained more accurate results with mechanical watch.
Mechanical watches are also resistant to weak magnetic fields.
Mechanical watches do no have batteries and do not pollute the environment in any way, they are self-efficient and generate their own power and in such contributing to preservation of nature.
Mechanical watch is an antithesis to today’s throw-away culture and since it preserves the environment and is by itself a beautiful piece, it is now more then ever practical, useful and efficient mechanical device.