Operating enironment

Your watch works properly at temperatures between 0° C - 40° C. Exposing your watch to extreme temperatures may cause the watch to malfunction or even stop working. Do not expose the watch to direct sunshine -  heat, strong lights, extremely low or high temperatures, as well as sudden temperature changes (thermal shock), which causes condensation on the watch crystal, deformed watch parts, movement breakdown, battery malfunction - shortens the battery life and affects the accuracy.
Pressure changes / diving, altitude, gravity, humidity and light / UV-radiation / significantly affect functioning, so do not take it into the sauna, solarium, etc.
Do not expose the watch to magnetic, electromagnetic radiation or static electricity, because they interfere with the movement and can cause dysfunction in measuring time, and in case of extremely strong radiation (MRI and CT scanners, etc.) can permanently damage the movement.
Dysfunction  may be caused by radioactivity, magnetic objects of all kinds (such as magnetic jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, purse magnetic clasps, magnetic refrigerator decorations, cell phone headsets, etc.).
Do not place the watch near appliances such as radios, TVs, speakers, refrigerators, routers, computers, cell phones.
Avoid getting the watch and strap into direct contact with strong gas and chemical substances such as solvents, mercury, acids, adhesives, detergents, substances containing benzene, gasoline, kerosene, acetone, mosquito repellent, cosmetics (perfume, deodorant, hair-spray, etc.), soap, cream, aggressive cleaning agents, as they may cause damage or discoloration of bracelets-straps, gaskets and the casing of the watch.