Oris Depth Gauge Yellow-Stealth Black *REVIEW*

source: portalsatova.com

Oris Depth Gauge, a model we were totally impressed by last year, with its unique design, quality, price and most importantly, virtually indestructible depth gauge, is back in a new, stylish form. Diametrically opposite to the original, the new Depth Gauge is darker, more attractive, far more striking but still a very usable diving device.

Last year we had the opportunity to test a fantastic Oris Depth Gauge model (click on the LINK for a review), one of the few watches that can serve as a backup to modern dive computers because of its ability to display current depth. In short, the watch is simply amazing. Even though depth gauge is sufficient enough to distinguish this model in the sea of diving watches offered by competitors, but the quality itself is on the level of a far more expensive and more recognizable brands that dominate diving watches market. But if the existing model is so good, then how is it possible to make practically identical watch which is even better ?! All is in the details!

While the original Depth Gauge is essentially a diving watch, the very fact that it comes with a steel and rubber strap itself suggests that this watch is designed to serve as "one watch for all occasions" (a term that watch aficionados and collectors do not have in their vocabulary). The combination of polished and brushed surfaces brings the watch to a finer level, so it is perfectly wearable in a casual situation. On the other hand, with the new stealth / grey Depth Gauge model there is no mistake. This is the ultimate sports watch that is more appropriate for a Navy Seal's wrist.

Generally, it is considered that the combination of yellow and black is one of the best colour combinations that you can use. Not only does this model look far more attractive than its predecessor, but the mere combination of colours has an important function. Matte black DLC colour eliminates reflections and hides scratches far better than polished steel (something that is highly desirable under water). Among other things, the Depth Gauge wears like a smaller model, 44 or 43mm diameter. In fact, it is of identical diameter as the original (46mm), but matte black apparently reduces and masks case dimensions. In diving, a certain range of colours can be seen depending on the depth you are in. Warmer colours like red and orange become invisible after only a few meters, while yellow is the last colour out of warm colours range that would remain visible at greater depth. That is why yellow is the primary colour of this model, found on a rubber belt and depth meters indicators on the dial.

The dial remained practically unchanged. Very clear embossed markers and over dimensioned hands are a great recipe for a very good readability, and there is the phenomenal depth gauge which is the main advantage of this model. An opening on the top of 4.5 mm thick sapphire crystal pulls water into the channel along the edge of the crystal. The depth gauge is based on Boyle's law, which says that the volume of gas at a constant temperature is inversely proportional to pressure. Simply put, during dives, and descending to greater depths, the water enters through the opening and compresses air within the channel, so that the difference between light grey (air) and dark grey (water) can be observed on edge of the crystal. This difference in colour is actually the depth indicator that can be read on the yellow scale. There are no moving parts, so there's nothing that can malfunction.

The lunette is also an element on which an inverse technique is applied. If it was completely black, it would lose the beautiful contours of the housing and the dial would be far less attractive. Therefore, Oris engineers installed brushed steel lunette with indicators in negative relief. Even if you scratch a lunette on a coral reef, functionality and readability would remain the same.

The movement also remained unchanged. Ultra-popular Oris Cal. 733, more commonly known as Sellita SW200-1 ticks inside Depth Gauge. It worked excellently in the previous model we had tested and this one works just as well. Very accurate, very reliable and most importantly - very inexpensive to maintain!

The standard package of more expensive models Oris divers this time does not include a steel bracelet. However, you would get an additional black rubber strap with steel buckle instead. Pelican box, which is structurally more suitable for an explosives storage is also a part of the standard equipment, as well as all the tools and strap’s spare parts that you might need. In short, the original Depth Gauge has amazed us. But this model is twice as good. Visually it is a hit.

For more technical details about Oris Depth Gauge model please read our previous review, and both models can be purchased Dicta Ltd. Oris watches dealer and via the official web shop.


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