Colori watches

“I would like to have an affordable accessory that can color my outfit and give me a positive happy feeling.” 
“I would like a watch that I can wear at any time of the day, casual and sporty.”
"I would have an affordable accessory that I can fit with my outfit, so I can change it every day."

Pick the Colori which best suits you and colour your life!!


In the Summer of 2008 the brand Colori hit the main shopping areas in Holland. The Dutch designed watches were an instant success and within a few months the Colori watches were available in more than 10 countries all over the world. What started with a range of happily colored watches has now grown into a popular watch brand with many collections that appeal to a large audience. Owner and creator Ron Offenbach had envisioned his watches bringing fun and happiness, a great gift at affordable prices. This is exactly what the brand Colori entails, now present in over 40 countries Colori is here to stay and add that extra bit of colour to the world.

Colori watches are in the public price range between 19 and 89 euro. There is a variety of Kids watches, fun analogue watches, a range of analogue/digital watches, and sports watches. All watches are produced with quality materials, powerful time engines and with a focus on comfort. Why have just one watch if you can have them matching your state of mind, clothes or activity you are in. A Colori is more than an ordinary watch, it’s a life style accessory!

The essence of the Colori brand is to bring fun and enjoyment into your life.